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The Saskatchewan Selects Football Organization provides an elite full-contact and modified contact winter football program. Camps and developmental sessions help players improve football skills and get exposure to next level football programs in Canada and the U.S. With a curriculum designed for multiple age levels and experience, Selects Football improves the competition levels and performance of individual players.  

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Events Schedule 2019-2020

Nov. 9-10 Evaluation Camp 10U, 11U, 12U

Nov. 16-17 Evaluation Camp 13U, 14U, 15U, Varsity

Nov. 23-24 All teams practice

Dec. 7-8 All teams practice

Dec. 21 All teams practice

Jan. 3-5 Interprovincial tournament

Jan. 18-19 All teams practice

Jan. 25-26 All teams practice

Feb. 8-9 All teams practice

Feb. 13-17 International Pigskin Classic San Antonio, Texas for 10U, 12U, 14U, Varsity

Feb. 21-23 International Pigskin Classic Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for 11U, 13U, 15U

Age Classifications

San Antonio, Texas (ages determined as of July 1, 2019)

10U:  Players born in 2009-10 as well as April 1/08-Dec. 31/08

12U:  Players born Jan. 1/07 - June 30/07 and July 1/06 - Dec. 31/06

14U:  Players born Jan. 1/05-June 30/05 and July 1/04 -Dec. 31/04

Varsity:  Players born Jan 1/03-June 30/03 and calendar year 2002 

Cabo San Lucas (ages determined as of Jan. 1, 2019)

11U:  Players born Jan.1/08 – March 31/08 and July 1/07 to Dec. 31/07

13U:  Players born Jan.1/06 - June 30/06 and July 1/05 - Dec. 31/05

15U:  Players born Jan. 1/04 to June 30/04 and July 1/03 to Dec. 31/03

Baseline Testing: Remains mandatory.  Players will be expected to have a current baseline before attending the Evaluation Camp.  This is included in your camp fee.  Information for the baseline will be sent out 1-2 weeks before camp.

Q-Collar: This year, Selects Football is taking pro-active steps in the preservation of the longevity of brain health. As a result, we strongly encourage all parents to talk to us about making a purchase for their son or daughter. We have seen compelling evidence over the last six months and having spent considerable time looking at the studies and talking to a world renown neurosurgeon, Dr. Julian Bailes, and we are convinced that wearing the Q-Collar will help reduce brain injuries. We will help in every way possible to make sure that your son or daughter, playing in our program, is outfitted with a Q-Collar. Please talk to us if financial considerations make this difficult.  We will do our best to help if needed.  More and more professional athletes are using the Q-Collar such as:  Charleston Hughes (Sask Roughriders), Adam Bighill (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), Dakoda Shepley (Saskatchewan Roughriders), Luke Kuechly (Carolina Panthers), Vernon Davis (Washington Redskins), and more.  We are proud to see many of the Selects players from last season already wearing Q-Collars as well.